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Hydrogenated Nitrile-butadiene Rubber (HNBR) is a class of special rubber with best combination performance, and also an important strategic material with excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature (150-170℃), oxidation resistance, dynamic fatigue resistance, ozone resistance, and excellent processing technology. Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, oilfield mining, aerospace, hose products and other fields. 

In the development of HNBR manufacturing technology, the catalytic hydrogenation technology of NBR is the most difficult point, the advantages of HNBR production technology is mainly reflected in the advanced hydrogenation catalyst system used in its production process. Zeon in Japan uses palladium carbon solid catalyst, ARLANXEO in Germany uses rhodium catalyst and Zannan SciTech uses ruthenium catalyst. 

Due to the scarcity and high value of precious metal resources, in the choice of hydrogenation catalysts, it is not only necessary to have good catalytic activity to make the hydrogenation reaction effectively and safely, but also need to reduce the amount and cost of catalyst, so that the product has better market competitiveness. Therefore, in the past 20 years, it has been difficult to discover a breakthrough technology in the preparation of HNBR. 

At the end of 2010, Zhanber® HNBR production was successfully localized, and achieved stable and continuous production at the end of 2011, which broke the situation that China could not independently produce HNBR and created a new era of China's specialty rubber manufacturing technology. 

The industrialization of the project has broken the current situation of China's complete dependence on imports of HNBR, making China the third country with completely independent intellectual property rights in the development and production of HNBR specialty rubber after Japan and Germany, which is the honor and achievement of the company and a milestone of China's scientific and technological progress in this field. 

In the past, the global HNBR demand market has been dominated by Europe and the US, but in recent years, with the rapid development of new energy and automotive, aerospace, oil exploration and other fields, the application field of HNBR has become larger and more extensive, new applications such as nuclear power plants, batteries, rubber rolls, engineering tires and other applications have appeared examples.

Due to the excellent comprehensive performance of HNBR, there is a clear trend to replace other materials, such as CR replaces timing belts, NBR replaces oil fields, fluoro-plastics replaces high temperature and oil resistance, and AEM/CSM replaces automobiles.

The latest possibilities have emerged to extend the use of HNBR to a wider range of applications by using different materials (PVC/CPE/CSM/EPDM, etc.) to meet the performance or process requirements of different products.

With the development of science and technology, we believe that HNBR will have a brighter future and will become an important member of the rubber fields and will make more value for the progress of society.

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